History and Evolution of SEO

        History and Evolution of SEO

During 1995 at Stanford University the students name Larry Page and Sergey Bring begins the story of Google for their project presentation as the subdomain of their university. 

Google logo

Later Google was officially launched in 1998. But it was not much popular at that time. Other search engines like yahoo etc. where popular. In the beginning stage of Google it will not provide results suddenly while searching. Only after 24 hours they provide our search results to the email. 

On 2001 September 11 World Trade Centre was attacked by Islamist terrorist affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

World Trade

After the attack many people search about this incident in Google. While searching, Google cannot provide the enough information about the incident. Google consider this problem as a great issue and gather a meeting to solve this. In the official meeting the officials of Google ask that why Google can't provide efficient results while searching about World Trade Center? It is because the websites of Google are not crawlable. To find the solution for this issue the search engineers came to conclusion that the webmasters - controller of websites only can make their websites crawlable. 

But the next suggestion by the officials of Google is to introduce many programs and documents to give awareness to web masters. But it was not much acceptable to other staffs. They suggested that the practice to optimize the websites is their secret files if it introduce to webmasters it will adversely affect company.It also affect the existence of the company.But they decide to publish documents for presenting optimization practice to webmasters. This cause the emergence of SEO practice. Google publish SEO starter guide document. Thus the webmasters can make use of the practices and make their web pages crawlable and to index by google easily.

Programs in Google

1. Crawling 

2. Cached

3. Indexing 

1. Crawling:Web Crawlers or Robots or Spider crawl the document for the content,URL etc. 

2.Cached:The crawled document is then scanned and take snapshot of it. Then saved the document based on the category wise.

3.Indexing:During the process indexing the stored crawled documents is displayed as the results in Google.

On Page  Optimization / On Site Optimization 

On page optimization means the web page optimization. It refers to all measures that can be taken or modify the content, title to improve the position in ranking. 

Off Page Optimization 

Off page optimization refers to all activities such as social media sharing, advertisement, out side website etc. that you do to improve the ranking.

Evolution of SEO

1. Content Specific (Niche specific)

Contents or keywords are used to improve rank in Google. It is a black hat SEO technique. But they didn't consider about to provide quality results, device compatability, browser compatability. 

2. Link Specific 

Links are used to improve rank in Google. When links from other websites increases in your webpage then the ranking also increases. Google count links as recommendation vote. Thus web sellers arrived to sell the links.

3. Quality Link Specific

Here Google introduce rating system to rank page. The links which has high page rank the ranking also increases. There arrived the link sellers to sell the links which has high page rank. But when they sell their link the v or equity passed from one page or site to another. Their ranking will decrease. This is Passing the juice. Google introduced a tag rel="no follow". This tag is add along with the hyper link.

Eg:- <a href="https:/www.google.com" rel="no follow">Google</a>

These links do not influence the search engines rankings. Web masters can share link without decreasing ranking of their web page. 

4. Google Adwords

Today Google Adwords is known as Google Ads. Google starts advertising. It works under PPC (Pay Per Click). 
Seo evolution

A certain amount is prepaid to Google, when people click their ad a particular amount will decrease from their prepaid money. We can do Google ad in two ways:-
  • Search Network 
  • Display Network

 5. Google Adsense

It is a simple way to earn money. By displaying the ads near to your webpage.It works under CPC-Cost Per Click value. Google pays you when any user click the ad through your webpage. 
Evolution of SEO

 6. Pogo Sticking

In 2009 Google introduce Pogo sticking. If your webpage is more interacted than other webpage automatically the ranking of your webpage increases.

7. Social Media

During 2010 people increased the use of social media. Social media also influence ranking a lot in Google. Through social media sharing there can be change in the ranking of webpage.


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